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Our Mission is to Empower
Food & Dining Entrepreneurs
To Grow Their Business!

About DiningTek

Marketing and branding your business is one of the biggest challenges for food and dining entrepreneurs. Many lose thousands of dollars every month paying very high subscription costs to with outside companies.

At DiningTek, our solution takes the pressure off of these entrepreneurs, and our automated system allows us to offer improved services at a fraction of the cost of the big guys! We create the digital footprint for you to reach your local and regional audience though our marketing and branding automation. Through marketing actions, we help increase your sales.

Our solution is 5x better and 5x cheaper than other options. With DiningTek, you keep more of your money, and you get to know all of your customers!

Our Story

The DiningTek journey started when Linda’s friends, Deepa and Jatin, who owned a restaurant, asked for help building their business online. They asked if she and Dining Tek’s co-founder, Jaspal, could find ways for them to help them increase their sales, stand out from other restaurants, and have more return customers.

They were tired of putting lots of money into on-line ordering companies because these tech companies kept most of the profits on each order and would re-direct the customers to the tech company’s and not back to the restaurant This hit home with Jaspal as he spent his childhood in his father’s tea shop in India and knew first-hand the implications of the struggles of an independent business had on their families. Linda and Jaspal conferred with other friends who own independent restaurants to see what other strategies might help.

They found that while one restaurant was struggling to increase sales, the other was grappling with complexities of consistent and timely marketing to their local and regional audience. The need was to find ways for them to promote their business, stand out from other restaurants locally, get more return customers, and keep better control of their own business.

So, Jaspal and Linda designed an end-to-end business support for independent restaurants and food entrepreneurs to help increase sales and improve business efficiencies. This support included marketing, branding, online ordering system, and a mobile app as well as help food and dining entrepreneurs with additional needs.  Having a real “partner on your side” proved essential to helping independent restaurants, food, and dining entrepreneurs navigate the cosmologies of business towards more growth!

Within a year of getting assistance from Jaspal and Linda, Deepa and Jatin’s restaurant grew by 200% business.  They were so happy with results, that they
provided 10 referrals right away. Within 2 years, they were doing so well that they sold their restaurant and retired.

Word soon got out about their success, and more restaurant owners connected with Linda and Jaspal for assistance. DiningTek was formed. Soon thereafter, two successful restaurant owners, Annie Vick (owner of six Pinocchio’s Restaurants in Colorado) and Gurjeet Dhanoa (owner of Tandoori Grill in Boulder, CO) joined DiningTek to help with DiningTek’s mission of helping independent restaurant owners and food entrepreneurs succeed!  DiningTek used their insights on the needs of the restaurants and challenges they face to create an All-in-One Platform that really helps independent food and dining entrepreneurs succeed!

After many referrals from thrilled customers, Dining Tek is now helping more than 100+ independent restaurant and food entrepreneurs thrive.  DiningTek is  led by different types of experts (computer technology expert, communications/marketing expert, restaurant owner expert, and business strategy experts) – all of whom are working together for the benefit of each client company. What makes Diningtek stand out from its competitors is an amazing leadership team made up from a diverse yet cohesive group of experts.

DiningTek has grown from humble beginnings to now being an employer of computer tech experts, coms/marketing experts, restaurant owner business savvy experts, and business strategy experts – all of whom work synergistically to get the best and tailor made solution for each client. Contact us, let’s talk about how we can help your business grow!

A Place to Sell Mom’s Spaghetti Sauce

Linda and Jaspal found that some local restaurants also create and sell their own non- perishable food items (like spaghetti sauce, salsa, and hot sauce) and needed somewhere to sell their goods. DiningTek created a Marketplace for independent restaurants and local entrepreneurs to sell their products directly to customers and foodies! (And make it easy for food lovers to have a place to go to buy directly from their favorite local restaurants and independent businesses.)

DiningTek has developed and refined it’s unique system to market in a highly targeted way, while giving food and dining entrepreneurs an affordable one-stop marketing and technology to grow their business. Contact us today and get signed up on the Marketplace to sell your products directly to your fans!

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