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Finally grow to be that profitable restaurant you set out to be…

With no extra work

Internet Marketing, Branding and Online ordering partner
for independently owned restaurants and cafes.
Fully done-for-you. No delivery fee. No hidden costs.



Before DiningTek 100%
After DiningTek 250%



  • BEFORE DiningTek
  • AFTER DiningTek



Why is money always so tight when running a restaurant?

No matter how much you make…

Growing your restaurant is exhausting.

Why? Because there are no easy marketing and branding options out there. You either get the convenience of 3rd party delivery companies and online ordering platforms… but sacrifice your profits and your brand. Or you fork out thousands of dollars per month to hire a marketing agency, because doing your own marketing is soul-sucking with barely any results to show for it.

“45% of our income was taken as fees when we used UberEats and GrubHub” – (Ravi Shrestha, Owner of Durbar Bistro, Lakewood)

“Our profit margins were thin, and we were not equipped for the digital world” -Gurjeet Dhanoa, Tandoori Grill, Boulder, CO"

Marketing & Online Ordering Platform to boost your overall sales, making you money from week 1

We use a combination of AI-powered methods, so you become known
in your whole neighbourhood for both on-line and dine-in sales.

  • Get listed in ALL the places your customers are looking
  • Entice customers to place orders via regular social media posts, email & text marketing and adverts.

Get customers to return again and again

  • Re-target past customers with personalised or seasonal special offers, powered by AI.
  • Create a strong brand that gets people to think of you the moment they’re hungry with online ordering and marketing that’s completely under your own brand.

Completely Done-For-You

From keeping all your platforms up to date, to taking photos of your food, running all your marketing campaigns and replying to reviews… The Dining Tek team and technology works for you, so you can focus on running your restaurant (and serving delicious food!).

4 No delivery costs. No hidden fees.

Keep 100% of what you make. DiningTek charges a simple monthly fee that’s more cost efficient than any of the other alternatives. This covers everything, including delivery and advertising cost, so you don’t have to worry about any hidden fees popping up out of the woodwork.

“DiningTek provides high profit, and focuses on neighborhood marketing. This way I can 100% focus on my business while DiningTek helps increase my sales.” - Noor Alisha, Gyros Town Restaurant , Denver, Colorado

No more quiet hours!

Have all your tables filled during dinner time, with all staff busy
and no leftover food. So the next time someone asks you,

“How’s your restaurant going?“, you can say,
“We’re packed!“

instead of “Yeah… Up and down”.

Who can benefit from DiningTek?


Food Trucks

Cafes – Food & Bev

CLoud Kitchen

Cloud Kitchens

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