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Personalized Restaurant Online Order System

Custom Branded Online Presence - So Your Restaurant Stand Out.
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More Pick-up Orders

At less cost than delivery

Increase Sales

Pickup and Delivery


Connect directly with your customers and make it easy for them to order time and again!

Keep Your Current Customers Coming Back
With Your Own Personalized Restaurant App!

Easy & Convenient
Increase Orders

Your personalized app will make ordering even faster and easier!

Personalized App that is easy for your customers and staff to use Sending orders in correct, paid for in advance, and in real time.

Flexible -
You Control On/Off

You can control the on/off features for your orders. You control on/off and take order Take orders when you are ready.

Reward Loyal Customers

Connect direct with your customers and offer them customized coupons, discounts, and events!


Guests can save their and reorder their favorite foods fast and easily on their cell, iPad, or computer.!

Precision Marketing

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Marketing strategy including SEO

Websites & Apps

Branded websites and apps

Social Media

Social media promos and engagement

DiningTek Solutions

  • Personalized Restaurant Online OrderĀ 
  • Personalized Restaurant App
  • Precision Marketing

Call us today at (720) 598-3058 or Click here to Contact us. Or Sign up now for your free personalized Restaurant Online Order System!

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